Choclate is very important

Choclates has lots of benefits, but we forget that just beacuse we hear people saying that choclates are bad for our health but they have lots of benefits like Better Blood circulation, and it's very good for the heart

Milk Choclate

Choclate has lots of falvors but he one I would say is the most common and most favourite of everyone is milk choclate.

Dark Choclate

Dark choclate ahs lots of benefits but the taste of Dark choclate is very strong, and is prefered alot by adults

Semi-Sweet Choclate

This type of choclate is nor veyr sweet now very dark it has a taste of everything, and is a much healther option to Milk Choclate

White Choclate

White choclate is very good and is White in colour but I perfonally think it is very sweet, so do not prefer eating it.

Raw Choclate

Raw choclate is the lcosest to what the actuall choclate bean tastes like, and is the most healtest option among all the choclate but it has a very dark taste to it even darker then dark choclate